The term demonstrative comes from the Latin word “demonstrave meaning to point or show. The term demonstrative in an act of art which deals with the illustration or shoe something.

According to Concise English Dictionary (2012), it gives the meaning of Demonstrative as “tending to show affectionate or other feelings openly”. The Longman Dictionary of contemporary English demonstration is “to show or describe how to do something or how to do some works.

The word demonstrative therefore means a showcasing of an art or science with the art of empirical and practical illustration.

The term piano can be traced to an Italian word as soft. The piano or musical instrument invented in 1709 by Bartolomeo Francesco Cristofori who lived between 1655-1731. The story of the piano began in pad, Italy in a shop of a harpsichord maker. Piano as it is called today has its full name as Pianoforte meaning an instrument that can play but soft and loud. The merging of the two words both Latin – Demonstrativo or demonstrave and the Italian word piano (demonstrativo pianoforte) therefore means the demonstrative piano.

The demonstrative piano therefore is the act and art of illustrative or illustration of dexterity. This practical art (playing of the piano or demonstration on the piano) began in the classical period 1750 and became much pronounced in the Romantic period with more composers going into playing of the instrument. The instrument itself pianoforte  (piano) was  an instrument that can express the softness and loudness with its damper and can also express sustenance of notes and can also express staccato.

Base on the dictionary meaning of the two words Demonstrativo piano it means, the showing or the practical of dexterity with all what the piano can express.


        The concept of this research is to show piano performing of musical pieces or musical pieces performance, featuring pieces from baroque period (1600-1750), classical (1750-1820), Romantic 1820-1900 and 20th century compositions. This concept is to express the musical style or stylistic compositions of each of these period with the view teaching the audience. The pieces to be performed includes composers of the Baroque through the twentieth century composer such as J.S Bach, G.F Handel………………………….………………………………………..

The performance is to entertain the audience curiosity as to believe of anybody can play the piano and there is no need of studying music. Furthermore, the score to the pieces to be performed would be well studied and analyzed before performance to meet the audience needs in terms of piano performance thus as the topic Demonstrative piano